BuckleGarde is a new, easy-to-use tool for healthcare personnel to
help deter patients from removing their safety straps, creating a
safer transport environment.

Deterrence - The BuckleGarde helps deter patients from harming
themselves by unbuckling the safety straps used during medical
transport, handling, observation, and positioning.

Options - BuckleGarde works with the safety buckles currently used
in the industry to bridge the gap between verbal restraint and more
aggressive restraint methods.
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BuckleGarde is a security cover that surrounds the safety buckles
used in medical and paramedical transport, deterring the patient
from actuating the push button and releasing the buckle. Some
patients, because of confusion, intoxication or suicidal ideations, do
not want to remain on their gurneys, wheelchairs, beds, or other
medical apparatuses. Patients have removed their safety straps by
actuating the push button, causing injury to themselves and medical

The BuckleGarde provides an added deterrent to the safety buckles
currently being used in the industry that is short of more aggressive
two-point or four-point patient restraints. Safety buckles secured
with a BuckleGarde cannot easily be released by the patient. If the
patient attempts to release the safety buckle, the BuckleGarde
introduces enough of a delay for other interventions to be
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